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Thomas Clive & Co's knowledge of the letting market, lease terms and Landlord and Tenant law m​ake us a strong ally at the time of Rent Review or Lease Renewal, whether acting on behalf of an institutional owner or a corporate occupier.   

Many commercial leases include provisions for regular rent reviews, over the entire course of the lease term, typically occurring every three to five years. Rent review clauses set out when each review will take place, the method of review, assumptions and disregards to be made when valuing the premises for the purpose of rent review, the procedure to be followed, and methods for dealing with disputes if they arise.

Through our commercial agency activity, we keep a finger on the pulse of the market, spotting trends through our knowledge of recent and pending deals together with our database of available properties.  This, coupled with over ten year's trading as Thomas Clive & Co, enables us to negotiate Landlord and Tenant transactions using a full armoury rather than engaging in barrack room banter.

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In economists' jargon, Property is not a "perfect market" with an infinite number of  well-informed buyers and sellers, while property is far from homogeneous.   

Market conditions can vary considerably between sectors, across size and price ranges, and also according to location and the age of buildings. Monitoring and understanding these variations is the key to effective and successful marketing of property.   

We also appreciate that a letting decision may not always be solely determined by rental level, but also by its impact upon investment value and other portfolio management considerations such as the timing of future redevelopment. With freehold property in particular, we are conscious of the potential for 'special' purchasers to pay prices in excess of normal market levels on account of a property's uniqueness, an adjoining ownership, for example.

Thomas Clive & Co's agency departments are well-equipped to assist you with both the acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold property, being fully aware of changing market conditions. Our databases track the supply of competing premises and changes in demand reflected in prices and rents paid, together with variations in lease terms and  ease durations.

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